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       Julio Arraga  



Venezuelan Artist



   Julio César Arraga Morales was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on July 31, 1872. At an early age, Julio demonstrated an ability to absorb the beauty of his surroundings during a unique era and to infuse those images with permanence by capturing them on canvas.


   The artist received his education in the schools of plastic arts of Maracaibo, Venezuela,  and Florence, Italy. The greater part of Julio Arraga’s body of work reflects the Maracaibo of the early 1900s, and his affinity for the ever-changing nature of his homeland during this time is evident by the versatility of his work.


    Julio Arraga experimented with new styles and techniques, applying them to portraits, self-portraits, landscapes and scene of daily life in Maracaibo.


   Julio Arraga married María Dolores Zuleta in Maracaibo. Their six children, Camelia Blanca, Aura del Campo, Celia Angela, Violeta de los Angeles, Tito Angel  and  Julio Cesar, inherited and promoted his work.


   Today, Tito Angel and Violeta de los Angeles along with the artist’s grandchildren, have the honor of owning and displaying many of Julio Arraga’s paintings.


   It is believed that many paintings of the artist are in other countries, especially in Germany.


   The book titled “Julio Arraga” by Juan Calzadilla, 1972, shows more detail about the artist and his work.




Dedication and Acknowledgement


   Lovingly dedicated to my grandfather, Julio Arraga, whose life inspired me to pursue my dreams, and whose artistic legacy has filled me with pride and created within me a delight in the sensibilities of beauty and peace.



   Violeta Pasquarelli Arraga de Gascon

His granddaughter

tia memita2.jpg



Oleo on canvas  27 x 21 cm, 1917

Violeta Pasquarelli A. de Gascon, USA








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